Flexible packaging system for a warm patient experience.
Streamlined packaging for personalized care
The challenge was to create a versatile packaging system for CareZone Pharmacy, capable of accommodating various medication types and orders, including custom daily packed medication. In addition to functionality, our aim was to infuse each box with the warmth and personality that embodies the CareZone brand.
User-Friendly Packaging: I designed custom dielines with intuitive features like secure medication holders and informative door panels. This packaging prioritizes ease of use for patients while maintaining a streamlined workflow for pharmacists.
Warm & Welcoming Design: The packaging design incorporates elements that reflect CareZone's warm and friendly brand personality.
Enhanced Clarity: Large table graphic diagrams were created to ensure consistent order preparation by pharmacy staff. This, in turn, fosters a smooth and positive experience for patients receiving their medications at home.
Improved medication organization and adherence for patients.
Streamlined workflow and increased efficiency for pharmacists.
Consistent, positive experience for patients receiving CareZone's services.