Adding personality and warmth to the CareZone brand.
As the sole visual designer, I spearheaded the creation of a comprehensive visual language for CareZone, a fast-growing health-tech startup that was later acquired by Walmart.
Crafting engaging experiences
For CareZone's app, I conceptualized and created  animations for empty states – screens that appear when there's no data to display. These animations not only explained the purpose of each section but also did so in a visually appealing way. This approach increased user engagement by making the app more intuitive and user-friendly.
A cohesive design system

I established the visual language across all touchpoints, including landing pages, in-app workflows, email campaigns, booklets, swag, product photography, digital ads, and social media.
Developing a playful and human-centric brand identity
I designed custom illustrations and icons that embodied CareZone's spirit to be used throughout all company assets.