A collection of editorial projects
Adaptability in Life Science Design
I contributed to Gensler's research catalogue, a collection of over 35 design research projects focused on improving human experiences. Each entry is developed by a different designer giving it a unique design language tailored to each project’s methods and findings.
I worked on an article that explored the structure of life science laboratories. The project aimed to identify key archetypes based on functionality, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.
AI Paradigm Conference

This school project challenged me to design a conference around a futuristic theme: I chose Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity. The Singularity, a hypothetical moment in time when AI surpasses human intelligence, signifies a dramatic shift in our technological landscape.
The conference explores the potential impact of AI on various aspects of society. It aims to foster dialogue and collaboration between researchers, developers, and the public to navigate this technological paradigm shift.
The imagery and experimental typography evokes a sense of intrigue and unfamiliarity, symbolizing the unknown future we approach with AI development.

After Dark events

For this school project, I focused on three consecutive evening events for adults called 'After Dark' at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Each event centered on a different scientific theme, such as Fog, Tinker, and Transform.
To capture the essence of the nightlife and the interactive nature of the events, I developed a concept that juxtaposed cocktails with a scientific element representing the evening's main focus.

Chupa Chups

For this project I chose to reimagine Chupa Chups' promotional materials through the lens of their slogan, "Life Less Serious." The design celebrates daily adult routines, reinterpreting them in a fresh and fun way in order to bring the audience back to their childhood.