Crafting presentations to elevate the impact of every message
I collaborate with clients to understand and transform their ideas into visually compelling presentations. By digesting complex ideas and translating them into clear visuals and engaging storytelling, I help audiences grasp key takeaways. I create a cohesive "look and feel" and develop reusable templates, ensuring consistency and scalability as presentations evolve.
Community outreach
This project involved creating a welcoming campaign to encourage community engagement around a new public development for the neighborhood. I designed mailers, flyers, and banners that fostered a sense of inclusivity. The goal was to spark conversations with neighbors and invite them to participate in shaping the future of this new space.
This project challenged me to create a cohesive experience for a tech client's internal training event. To make complex information clear and engaging, I designed a series of large pop-up displays. Utilizing illustrations, callouts, and user-friendly diagrams, I transformed dense content into easily digestible visuals.
My work encompassed the entire event experience. I designed clear and informative take-away cards, event t-shirts, and branded swag.