Illuminating innovation
Creating a whimsical stage
Lucifer Lighting, a renowned manufacturer of precision-engineered lighting solutions, entrusted us with the design of their trade show booth for Light + Building in Frankfurt, the world's premier event for lighting and building services technology. Seeking a blend of whimsy and elegance, they envisioned a booth that would captivate attendees.
As the lead designer, I conceptualized and executed the selected concept from inception to production. Our vision was to create an immersive experience where the boundaries between reality and imagination were blurred. The result was a captivating booth that combined illustrations and tangible objects to evoke the ambiance of a fantastical building.
Given the client's deep appreciation for art, we incorporated pieces inspired by iconic artists, that seamlessly integrated Lucifer Lighting's fixtures. These focal points allowed for a memorable moment of discovery and showcased their products in a unique way.